Freitag, 17. Juli 2009

The Driftwood Fairytales - TourTape


07. Aug. 2009 20:00
Jam Club Summertour w/ The Vaders Koblenz
08. Aug. 2009 20:00
Klup Scheisse - Summertour w/ The Vaders Köln
09. Aug. 2009 20:00
AK 44 - Summertour w/ The Vaders Gießen
10. Aug. 2009 20:00
Martha - Summertour w/ The Vaders Kiel
11. Aug. 2009 20:00
Bastard Club - Summertour w/ The Vaders Osnabrück
12. Aug. 2009 20:00
Wohnwelt - Summertour w/ The Vaders Wunstorf
13. Aug. 2009 20:00
K19 - Summertour w/ The Vaders + No Opinion Kassel
14. Aug. 2009 20:00
Juz Treff - Summertour w/ The Vaders Alfeld
15. Aug. 2009 20:00
Juzi - Summertour w/ The Vaders Göttingen

Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

Cardinal Sin

Dark PopPunk in the vein of Alkaline Trio!!! This Download includes their Hurry Up and Wait Album and the Oil And Water EP!!! Thanx to Blister


Montag, 13. Juli 2009

The Forecast - Late Night Conversations

Against Your Society - Wreck My Soul

Awesome Hardcore from my old Hometown!!!
On tour with The Effort this summer:

10. Jul. 2009 20:00
mönchengladbach/projekt 42 - AYS 7"/CD release show w/black friday ’29, loud & clear and more mönchengladbach
11. Jul. 2009 20:00
essen/juz w/cold world, dirty money, black friday 29 and more essen
12. Jul. 2009 20:00
rosswein/juz w/cold world, black friday 29, dirty money and more rosswein
19. Jul. 2009 20:00
mönchengladbach/horst fest w/sniffing glue, the lust for live and more mönchengladbach
24. Jul. 2009 20:00
EUROPEAN TOUR w/the effort - 26.07.-08.08. european tour
24. Jul. 2009 20:00
rockycany/fluff fest w/trial, have heart, rise and fall, shipwreck ad and more rockycany (cz)
25. Jul. 2009 14:00
maasmechelen/moshvalley w/have heart, rise and fall, shipwreck ad, the effort, true colors, forfeit maasmechelen (be)
25. Jul. 2009 20:00
köln/allschools fest w/black friday 29, carpathian, ritual, the effort, goldust köln
26. Jul. 2009 20:00
messancy/the riders part w/the effort w/the effort messancy (bel)
27. Jul. 2009 20:00
need help w/the effort need help
28. Jul. 2009 20:00
Växjö/Musikhuset w/the effort växjö (swe)
29. Jul. 2009 20:00
sweden/norway sweden/norway
30. Jul. 2009 20:00
gothenburg/nordengarden w/the effort gothenburg (swe)
31. Jul. 2009 20:00
kiel/mathe w/the effort and more kiel
01. Aug. 2009 20:00
berlin/subversiv w/the effort berlin
02. Aug. 2009 20:00
poland tba poland
03. Aug. 2009 20:00
praha/klub v jelení w/ the effort, your fucking nightmare praha (cz)
04. Aug. 2009 20:00
aschaffenburg/katakombe w/the effort, hang the bastard, written aschaffenburg
05. Aug. 2009 20:00
sulzbach-rosenberg/juz hängematte w/carpathian, ritual, the effort, anchor, written sulzbach-rosenberg
06. Aug. 2009 20:00
tilburg/little devil w/the effort, teenage lust, state of affairs tilburg (nl)
07. Aug. 2009 20:00
bremen/g18 w/the effort bremen
08. Aug. 2009 20:00
wolfsburg/ jz ost w/soul control, just went black, the effort and more wolfsburg
05. Sep. 2009 20:00
limbach oberfrohna/light in the dark fest w/ rzl dzl, war hungry, on, dirty money limbach oberfrohna
16. Okt. 2009 20:00
tba tba
17. Okt. 2009 20:00
darmstadt/oettinger villa darmstadt
31. Okt. 2009 20:00
antwerpen/tba w/floorpunch, true colors antwerpen (bel)

Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

The Pinkerton Thugs - End Of An Era

Very catchy Streetpunk/Rock`n`Roll !!!


Freitag, 10. Juli 2009

Cobra Skulls - American Rubicon

Yeah!!! The new full length from this great Punkrock Band!!!


Hudson Falcons - La Famiglia

Passionate Street Punk, driving Punk n' Roll, earnest Folk-Punk!!!


Brainworms – Brainworms II: Swear to me

The sound that Virginia's Brainworms have become notorious for is definitely different. Early material was notable for short, explosive post-hardcore tracks that were marked by their extremely melodic guitars. 'Swear To Me' marks a distinct change for the band though, as the material here seems to be diving into much more eclectic territories. Brainworms have always embraced the style of hardcore that was made popular by groups like Split Lip and Grade. All of the group's discography bleeds of a melodic hardcore influence, but the fact is they hardly ever sound that clean or restrained. Whether it is punk, hardcore, or even indie rock, Brainworms are able to spew a dissonant yet catchy mix of numerous genres.
'Swear To Me' improves on Brainworms' former material by taking a more progressive approach. Blues style solos, group vocals, and various studio techniques are taken to make the sound more layered and diverse. For reference, think Bear vs. Shark's evolution from debut to sophomore release. The guitar attack of the group has been stepped up a notch and the addition of Josh Small layers the sound nicely. The odd fit in Brainworms has always been lead vocalist Greg Butler who physically resembles Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav fame. Butler's voice has a distinct distorted sound to it whether it is synthetic or natural. This really helps his voice contrast with very high frequency guitar and bass parts that the group likes to employ. Butler's lyrics also show themselves to be just as sophisticated as the song structures. His penchant for illustrating hardcore concepts in a personal way echoes other Virginia groups like Haram or Malady. His lyrics on 'Swear To Me' seem to be focusing on the various realities that accompany the term home, whether it is a person or place. Butler seems to be aching to find and define his own "home" and these thoughts seem to be a basis in the lyrical side of 'Swear To Me'. Of course the material strays into other realms whether it be the political 'Whatever, That's How You Get Famous' or the two instrumental tracks 'Vulgar Display of Flowers' and 'The Pinnacle of Story Telling.'

'Swear To Me' is a great record both because it is extremely enjoyable to listen to, while at the same time it helps carve out its own niche in post-hardcore. Fans of Bear vs. Shark, Hot Water Music, or a Dischord association would be wise to check out 'Swear To Me' - it really is a great and new sounding example of that sound.


American Steel

Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009

Anti-Biotics - Pineview

Nice EP by this young Punkrock Band + 3 acoustic bonus trax!!!

You can also download their LP from myspace !!!


Beltones - Cheap Trinkets

One of my alltime favourite Bands!!! If you don`t like this record, we`ll never be friends!!!


Montag, 6. Juli 2009

Voice In The Wire - Signals In Transmission

Da Skywalkers - Heartache And Scars

8 Tracks of good and varied Streetpunk!!!



...for The Appleseed Cast's - The End of the Ring Wars

Sonntag, 5. Juli 2009

The Blackout Pact - Hello Sailor

The Bodies - Selftitled

Red Dons - Death To Idealism

The Menzingers - Hold on Dodge EP

This is sooooooo good!!!! Just give it a try!!!!


The Bomb - Indecision

Lucero - Nobodys Darlings

Lucero return to the scene with Nobody’s Darlings; the question is, though, what scene? In 2003, the quartet released what most consider their definitive release: That Much Further West, an indie inspired alt-country record which showed that the band had matured significantly together and cemented their distinct sound. The safe route for the Memphis, TN group would be to continue down that path; however, the road they did travel upon only brought them to craft their fourth full-length with the help of Jim Dickinson (Bob Dylan, the Replacements, Rolling Stones) in the style of a pure Southern rock record.

While there are still signs from the previous effort (see “Sixteen” and “All the Same To Me”), the majority of Nobody’s Darlings is rock‘n'roll from below the Mason-Dixon line at its finest. From the wheel-turning guitar chug in “Watch It Burn” to the burley Southern dialect of vocalist/guitarist Ben Nichols proves that the choice to further expand their musical horizon is no mistake. Having already pulled comparisons to the legendary Johnny Cash and late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, a draw to Mike Ness of Social Distortion is heavily hinted at on the high-flying “Bikerider.”

Not many albums can paint a picture before your eyes as the ambience fills the airwaves, but as the dust from the speeding motorcycle settles, a beautiful sun-filled horizon comes into focus as the title track guides another shot of whiskey down. ”…And we raise a glass” croons the rough Nichols as “And We Fell” chases another shot down at the bar with your closest friends on a cool summer’s evening.

The slower rockers on the record such as “Noon As Dark A Midnight,” “Hold Me Close,” and the aforementioned two tracks are some of the most refreshing of the year; nothing is more exciting than the raw, balls out Dixie-guitar blazers such as “California” and another late evening drinking song “Last Night In Town.” The finishing touch to this perfect road trip mixture of songs is the most mature and emotionally depressing song Lucero have ever written. A gloomy tale of a lonely World War II draftee who took his own life solidifies the impact the group has nailed with Nobody’s Darlings: An emotional ride that is every bit as enjoyable as it is remarkably lifelike.


Smalltown - The Music

Sweden's Smalltown is one of the catchier pop punk bands going today, with hook-driven, melodious, catchy songs with a 77 punk feel lurking just beneath a fundamental 90's pop formula. Smalltown amazingly keeps pop punk sounding fresh. The Music is also available on LP, where it must sound even more incredible.


She Rides - Selftitled

HardcorePunk at it`s best!!!


Saint Alvia - Between The Lines

Reggae, Punk, Rap and Rock!!! This record is awesome!!! Trust me!!!


I`m back...

Tiltwheel - Battle Hymns for the Recluse Youth

Battle Hymnsisn’t, technically, an album, although it’s a full-length record. It’s a collection of much of Tiltwheel’s earliest songs that were on comps and splits, all in one handy slab. This record was first released in 1996 by Liquid Meat and has been increasingly hard to find over the years.


Dear Landlord - Dream Homes

My favourite record at the moment!!!
Check out this review...


One Man Army - Last Word Spoken

Blocko - Edmonson Ave

Blocko was a three-piece independent punk band from South London, UK. The band was audibly influenced by the mid-nineties UK melodic hardcore scene and bands such as Hooton 3 Car and Broccoli, with less overt references to the noisier end of America's second-wave emo (early Get Up Kids, Small Brown Bike), and the oft-touted progenitors of gruff sounding punk rock, Leatherface.

Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009

The Appleseed Cast - The End Of The Ring Wars

Here`s what has to say about this record:

Music can change lives. Music can make a grown man cry, and music can make you feel right inside. Very few albums have changed my life in a drastic way. This is one of them...

The first time I listened to this CD, I was awe struck within the first minute of the opening track "Marigold and Patchwork". Not because of the lyrics (because the singer doesn't kick in until after about a minute and a half) but because of the pure emotions this music stirred. Intricate yet simple guitars open the first song, the drums kick in, and the pure energy of the song is unleashed. The singer screams "Fall Down Marigold" and you just know that what he has to say is important. You know that there is real meaning and purpose to the song. When a song portrays beauty and emotion so vividly through both the music and the vocals, a work of art has been created. 'The End of the Ring Wars' is a masterpiece.

Every single song on this album evokes emotion. The thick and loud guitars are complemented nicely by the drum and bass work that keeps the songs moving foward. The vocals may sound a little rough to some, but they are raw and true. Screams abound, although there is some singing thrown in when appropriate. The production is top notch, and the art work is a little disturbing but is great as well. What makes this album (and the band) stand out amongst its peers is the emotion. This is not your sterotypical emo record. No whining and no bullshit. This is real, heartfelt, inspirational, emotional music (what "real" (I hate saying that) emo is about).

The Appleseed Cast have been making music for years, and continue to today. They created the "Low Level Owl Vol. 1 & 2" series which garnered critical acclaim as they are masterpieces in their own right and showed a real growth and maturity in the band. As far as 'the End of the Ring Wars' goes, it is a true masterpiece that is beautiful and heartfelt, and is a testement to why music is important. This record may not change your life or affect you the way it has me, but it will rock you. Pick this up, it's a beautiful and rocking record.

Favorite Songs: Marigold & Patchwork - One of my favorite songs of all time, so amazing. Moment # 72 - rockin great song. Stars - has horns in intro, which is half the song, then vocals kick in, really beautiful, works very well. Dreamland - Rivals Marigold & Patchwork for my favorite song, amazing duel vocals in verse. Wow.


Foundation - Chimborazo

Foundation is the acoustic side-project of Rob Huddleston, a name you might recognize from the liner notes of every Ann Beretta record as the primary singer/songwriter.


Sonntag, 7. Juni 2009

This blog...

... ain`t dead!!!

Young Hearts - Nowhere Kids EP

You can download the band’s new 7-song EP Nowhere Kids for free right here !!!

Samstag, 30. Mai 2009

Get Bend - Demo

"4 piece punk rock band from Queens, NY. Ex and current members of: Potboiler, Down in the Dumps, Red & Blue, and Jonesin'."


Am 30. Mai ist der Weltuntergang

Sugarbombs - Tear Their World Down, Build Up Your Own

Aachen Rock City strikes back!!! Awesome Punkrock in the vein of Good Riddance!!! This is their 2003 Debut. Check it out...
edit: for some reasons some of the tags are wrong, i`ll upload a tracklist in the next few days




Vietnam Werewolf. Sounds pretty scary. Like Michael J. Fox eloped with one of John McCain’s lovechildren. In reality, they’re not scary at all, and play a gritty, familiar combination of early hardcore styles and straight-up punk rock with a tinge of pop-punk that meets halfway between two of Minneapolis’ finest in Dillinger Four and early Replacements. The hooks are generally subtle, while the lyrics are more direct, crafting fiery protest songs of intelligent dissidence. Take for example “Patriotic Cancer,” which while sounding a bit like Moral Crux, reads more like a handful of lines out of Dan Yemin’s lyrical booklet: “Step back and spin around / Let’s count the number of walls and figure out which ones we can start tearing down / Ask every single governor why they think they deserve to tell us what purpose we serve / And what our bodies’ parts are for / […] / You’ve been in our business and bedrooms for too long / There’s the fucking door."

What sets Vietnam Werewolf and their debut Ohio’s City apart is that while so many pop-punkish bands are content to lay down a couple chords and one or two good hooks and move on to the next song, Vietnam Werewolf never run this risk of simplistic homogeneity because all their songs are well-composed of many different parts and songwriting devices. Listening to the ‘Wolf reminds me of a Jeff Ott quote describing one of his former bandmates, whose songwriting would “literally make you brain hurt.” I’m not sure if that’s really the case with Vietnam Werewolf, but it certainly seems like they put a good amount of effort into their songwriting. Even with the songs that erupt more out of sheer energy than technical craft, like the scream-along “I’m Going to Blow,” you can tell that the band has a firm grasp on what they’re trying to do, filling the measures with sly, underlying emphases that may not even be apparent upon the first listen.

Some of the album’s finest moments are spread between different facets of the band’s work. The ambitious sing-along chorus of the cheeky “I Used to Be a Kid, I’m a Notary Public Now” engenders a tone of hopefulness, while “Expiration Dates” features a pounding lead-in and slightly resembles one of Berkeley’s tragically un-remembered punk bands, the Wunder Years. Lyrically, Vietnam Werewolf hits their stride in the feisty lefty-punk anthem “More than a Sound”: "I thought a part of punk was asking some questions / About the lies we’re fed and challenging conventions / There’s a joke called 'the revolution' / And it looks a lot like white, middle class rebellion."

This may be the first full-length from Vietnam Werewolf, but they are a band with roots planted in the best traditions of punk rock. Ohio’s City is punchy and well-composed, snarky yet reflective, and teeming with literate punk vigor. When the moon is high over Hanoi (and even when it’s not), expect Vietnam Werewolf and Ohio’s City to be delivering some of the best new punk around.

[Some disclosure: VW features staff reviewer Matt Whelihan.]


MR. BURNS - Where Is Your Freedom?

Hardcore-Punk from northern Germany. Think of GOOD RIDDANCE & early BAD RELIGION!!!


Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009

A short break...

Hi Kids,

I`ve a lot of stuff to do, so no posts till week.

Some impressions from last saturday:

Demonstration against the 60th Anniversary of the constitution for the Federal Republic of Germany :

First Driftwood Fairytales show ever:

It was a pretty good gig, especially for the first one!!!

Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2009

Saw Wheel - The Next Train

His debut full-length The Next Train sounds like the combination of acoustic guitars, beards, harmonicas, dead-end jobs, whiskey, endless roads, and gruff but warm vocals. It is full of rough-edged Southern-tinged folk-punk that reminds me of Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry and their heartfelt working-class anthems. These songs from Saw Wheel have a genuine gritty quality that sounds like a dude sitting on his front porch playing a guitar. Oh yeah, the album also includes a cover of Avail’s “Lombardy St.” Good stuff.



Lemuria/Kind Of Like Spitting Split - Your Living Room's All Over

Charlie Brown Gets a Valentine - Dismissed

One of my favourite Pop-Punk Bands at the moment!!!



Grey Matter - Take It Back EP

Good Post-Hardcore Band from Washington,D.C.!!!


The Ergs - Acoustic LP

Dienstag, 19. Mai 2009


Good Punkrock from RICHMOND!!! Featuring members of Municipal Waste!!!
Check for Tourdates...


split with The Catalyst

Which Is Worse

Sonntag, 17. Mai 2009

A Death In The Family - This Microscopic War

Here`s now a new version without any bullshit in it...

I`m Sorry...

something was wrong with my winrar, but now it`s fixed. If you have downloaded "A Death In The Family - This Microscopic War" please check it with an anti virus program!!!

Samstag, 16. Mai 2009

North Lincoln - Midwestern Blood

A few years ago, somebody coined the term "Midwestern beer- belly despair rock" to describe a handful of bands emanating from the greater Illinois/Michigan era, and the moniker couldn't be more aptly fitting for North Lincoln. Hailing from the reeling metropolis of Grand Rapids, deeply rooted in a community that rode the post-industrial wave of collapse and still struggles to keep its head above water, North Lincoln embodies a newer wave of working-class punk rock that ditches the anthemic trappings of Boston and New York and instead builds on the melancholy hymns of luminaries like JAWBREAKER and LEATHERFACE. They've added a healthy dash of HOT WATER MUSIC's hoarsely-shouted defiance to craft their own niche - desperate without implying resignation, helpless without feeling hopeless, downhearted but never defeated. It's furious mid-tempo rock heavily steeped in distorted minor chords, all tied together by lyrics that scrutinize the turbulent personal and social relationships found in their community and, more likely than not, mirrored in our own.